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Our breadsticks are made with natural ingredients, they are delicious and a healthier snacking option. Its crispy texture and a rich flavor that complements any meal. Original one or flavoured in truffle or ham, try them all and see which is your favorite one!   Laxcorn team  


Chips, Patatas fritas, Patatine fritte, Pommes frites, Batatas fritas, Frytki, Fransar, Kripik, Chipsy, Čipsi…… Call them as you want…..always same reaction:….YUMMY!!!!   Feel free to request an offer for our new product 🙂   Laxcorn team

Alimentaria 2024

Dear friends, Once again, we will be at ALIMENTARIA in Barcelona next week. This awesome exhibition is the ideal point to meet you so come and visit us 🙂 We are waiting for you all.     Laxcorn team  

CORN is in the air

All we need is CORN and maybe broad beans or sunflower seeds or pumkin seeds…… All we need is friends to meet on Valentine’s day and in the rest of the year….you get the friends and we take care of the corn…:)     Laxcorn team

2024 is coming

Once again we want to share with all of you the magic of this period of the year. May coexistence and tolerance shine these days and throughout all along 2024. We expect to be part of your 2024! Laxcorn team


Dear all, We -as Spanish- don’t celebrate Thanksgiving day but we think it is a good opportunity to say THANK YOU. THANK YOU to our clients who show us their loyalty order after order. THANK YOU also to our collaborators, couriers, transport agencies, customs whitout them we would not be able to manage all  the […]


From the best plants the best seeds. From the best seeds the best products. No secrets.   Just enjoy them!   LAXCORN TEAM


Some of us are enjoying the sun, beach and relaxed time but we don’t forget about our clients… this pic is specially dedicated to you, we want to share with you the goods moments. For the working people, there is always someone at the office to assist you so don’t be afraid to reach us […]

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