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The oregano plants are well known food seasonings, as well as having a long history as medicinal plants. The leaves can either be used fresh or dried. Crushing the leaves before using them will release the aroma. Dried oregano leaves are used as a culinary herb in meat and sausage products, salads, soups, and barbeque sauces. The essential oil of oregano is used in food products, cosmetics, and liqueurs. Oregano comes from the labiate’s family like basil. Its natural habitat is the mountainous region around the Mediterranean Sea. The ancient Greeks and Romans introduced oregano to Europe and the Spaniards brought it to the new world. The name oregano means “joy of the mountain”. Medicinal uses: Ancient Greeks used oregano as an antidote and it was also used by Ancient Egyptian herbalists for medicinal purposes. Oregano can be taken to strengthen and stimulate the stomach. To help heal bruises and contusions, mix dried oregano leaves with some honey and apply as a salve.

Key Components: essential oil, volatile oil, tannins, resin, sterols, flavonoids


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