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Sweet Spanish paprika is made from small, round, intensely flavoured and sweet-fleshed “ñora” peppers that are sun-dried and hand ground. Spanish paprika is an essential food to stock and a prized ingredient. It can be sweet or hot, smoked or not. Sweet Spanish paprika can be found in gourmet supermarkets and Spanish food stores.

We can supply different types of paprika powder Spanish origin according to the extractable colour from 40 to 240 ASTA. We use only the cleanest dried peppers, dried under controlled conditions. This is essential to provide a clean paprika powder. We can guarantee the quality of the product with the certificates according to the European Union legislation.

StorageThis product should be stored in a cool, dry environment. Paprika should be protected from exposure to direct sunlight or other strong light, and the product should not be stored next to any strong smelling substance. The ideal storage temperature is 20-25 ºC. If properly stored, paprika is normally good for 18 months or even longer.
TypesSweet, Hot, Smoked sweet, hot or bittersweet.
PackingBag 25 kg


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