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Slivered almonds are blanched almonds that have been cut very thinly into sticks. This is a difficult process, which is possible due to the use of special machinery. We can offer several slivers sizes and thickness, depending on the final use of this product. Sliced almonds are quite versatile, besides being used by the breakfast cereals industry, you can also use them at home, when baking your muffins, mixing them in your yogurt or add them to your salads, as well as for traditional desserts or as food garnishing (a great replacement for pine kernels).

Diced blanched almonds are mainly used in baked products and cooking. Almond blanched dices, when roasted, are great for ice cream or in your desserts toppings. These are also used in the cereal bars and chocolate industries. Spanish almonds sweetness is a guarantee of successful result.

Almond meal is a nutritious and delicious baking alternative. It is gluten free, low in carbohydrates and high in protein. Blanched almond meal is made from sweet peeled Spanish almonds and has a creamy colour and a smooth and pleasant aroma.


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